"It is your job to live through and enjoy these times, it is my job to help you remember them forever."


When I sit and think about who I am, well I am a Christian - active in my church, a wife, a mother, a photographer... I'm friendly, loving, willing to please, passionate about what I think is right. I wouldn't say I am all that adventurous, but I like to dream big. Chocolate is something that I can't seem to give up, but when I am motivated nothing can stop me! I love my family, the beach (ocean or lake), a good happy movie and surprising people. 

I grew up on Cape Cod, MA, but I can't swim and don't like fish. I've also never been on a whale watch! I met my husband online when that sort of thing wasn't very popular yet, but we've been together since 2001, married since 2002 and have two handsome, wonderful boys, so we must be doing something right.