preschools, families, maternity & newborns and ultimately weddings.  The path was clear, but in 2017 I decided to let my art guide me.  Whether following my heart and God's guidance helping a ministry or meeting with clients (new or old) for sessions and events, I feel more fulfilled.  This isn't just a hobby, job or career, it's also who I am and I'm thankful to have the freedom to take it as it comes.  Enjoy the last 11 years featured in the gallery below!

My portfolio reflects just as much about me as it does my clients. Since 2007 I've been working professionally and through the journey of figuring out what kind of photography I wanted to do, I learned a lot about myself.  Starting with capturing the beauty of nature and the animals that live there, I turned a corner and developed a different kind of love for photographing people.  It started at church, then moved on to building a client base of

and it shows

i love what I do